Unanimous Consent Agreement for Llc

When setting up a limited liability company (LLC), there are several documents that need to be drafted and agreed upon by all members. One such document is the unanimous consent agreement, also known as the unanimous written consent.

What is a unanimous consent agreement?

A unanimous consent agreement is a document that outlines important decisions made by the LLC members. It is used to record the agreement of all members in writing, instead of holding a formal meeting. This document serves as proof that all members were in agreement on a particular issue.

What decisions are typically made in a unanimous consent agreement?

Typically, a unanimous consent agreement will cover a range of decisions and topics including:

1. Approving the formation of the LLC

2. Appointing officers and managers

3. Authorizing the sale or transfer of assets

4. Adding or removing members

5. Dissolving the LLC

It is important to note that any decision that requires a vote from the members must be unanimous for the unanimous consent agreement to be valid.

How is a unanimous consent agreement drafted?

The unanimous consent agreement should be drafted by an attorney or experienced professional who is knowledgeable about the legal requirements for LLCs. The document should include the following elements:

1. The name and address of the LLC

2. The date the unanimous consent agreement was executed

3. The names and signatures of all members

4. The purpose of the agreement

5. A statement that all members have agreed to the decisions outlined in the document

Additionally, the unanimous consent agreement should be kept on file with other important LLC documents, such as the articles of incorporation and operating agreement.

Why is a unanimous consent agreement important for an LLC?

A unanimous consent agreement is important because it serves as legal evidence of the decisions made by the members of the LLC. This document can protect members in the event of a dispute or disagreement about decisions made within the company. It also ensures that all members are in agreement on important decisions that affect the company.

In conclusion, a unanimous consent agreement is a critical document for any LLC. It outlines important decisions made by the members and ensures that everyone is in agreement on key issues. It is important to have experienced professionals, such as attorneys and copy editors, to draft and review this document to ensure that it is legally sound and effective.


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